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Case Study – Site Supervision & Construction Support for Boiler Canopy Steel Structure

Project Name:   Site Supervision & Construction Support for Boiler Canopy Steel Structure

Client:    J&P Engineering Ghana Ltd

End Client:   Cargill Cocoa B.V.

Project Duration:   3 months

Team Size: 15

Project Scope:

Cargill Cocoa intended to build a new boiler room next to the existing boiler room, on their cocoa plant in Ghana, in the “free” zone of Tema. This boiler room  consist of biomass boiler installation. The installation supported by a concrete footing, which is placed on a foundation soil. Over the installation a 14 metres high canopy, which is supported by a steel frame (columns and beams). An existing chimney, with a height of 30 metres and founded on a slab of 1.5×1.5 metres. Located in the southwest corner of the new boiler room and erection and commissioning amidst the new construction.

Detailed scope:

  • Establishing proper communication with Client on the status of Steel Structure manufacturing.
  • Managing all Construction and Installation Which follows:
  • Construction of new Boiler Room building and Boiler Equipment.
  • Installation of Electrical Wires and Earthing.
  • Construction of Sprinkler Installation.
  • Inspection of material received & during assembly.
  • Inspection of Boiler Building Construction and Testing as per Contract Norms and Guidelines. As per schedule prepared by the Vendor and approved by Client.
  • Verification of Construction on Factory Inspection Certificates, Test Reports and Welding Quality Report which was provided by Client.
  • Drawing review, comments and approval, Final test report review and approval with “APPROVED” stamping.
  • Final inspection of new Boiler room construction and approval from Cargill Cocoa.